KH Consulting

Network & Telecoms Engineering Management  

Recent Projects

Project Manager (Consultant) at Cisco Systems GmbH, delivering engineering design support (data, voice, video, security) for the role-out of a global network for a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. In addition, I managed the Network Optimization Service (NOS), including the development and implementation of a governance model for the NOS delivery. NOS provides, at a minimum, information on security alerts and issues, configuration best practice, software recommendations, optimizing the existing network design (hard- and software), reviewing planned designs or design changes (hard- and software), and escalation support (root cause analysis).

GDDN Technical Manager (Consultant) at Spaceopal GmbH, involving the preparation of the technical aspects of the proposal for the procurement of the GDDN (the WAN for the EU/ESA space-based navigation project, Galileo), which included the review of GDDN design documents delivered by the service provider (Technical Proposal, Design Definition File, Design Justification File, Development & Deployment Plan, Compliance & Verification Matrix etc…), support to the definition of the Operations & Maintenance concept, in particular ILS maintenance at remote sites, KPI/SLA concepts etc., and support to the project management team for the definition of the Product Tree, Work Package Descriptions and verification, GANTT schedule, etc.

Senior Manager, Global Telecoms & High Performance Data Networks at EADS Astrium Services GmbH (now Airbus Defence & Space), where I was recruited to return to the company and leverage expertise in networks and telecoms in support of both on-going and new project bids. I delivered high-level support to cross-functional technical and engineering teams to design robust networks and telecom systems, where I delivered well-received design documentation for projects such as the EGNOS v3 program and the European Data Relay System (EDRS), ensuring the design team's complete achievement of complex and changing customer requirements. Served as a key liaison with diverse clients in requirements analysis, providing detailed documentation, demonstrating organisational capabilities, and building long-term relationships. In addition, I played a leading role as procurement and technical manager in securing a critical bid with SpaceOpal GmbH for the Galileo project's Initial Operational Capability (IOC) phase, and successfully securing Astrium's position on this elite project phase.

Network Procurement and Technical Manager at European Satellite Navigation Industries (ESNIS). A dual oversight role, of the end-to-end procurement and vendor bidding process for the project's dedicated Wide Area Network (GDDN), while coordinating the integration of complex technical requirements into the design and functionality plans of engineers representing the system's mission and control segments. Ran a virtual team of up to 7 engineering, product assurance, and contract administration resources. Successfully negotiated the procurement of the WAN system, strategically managing complex, five-way negotiations between the customer, users, each bidder, and ESNIS. Achieved stringent schedule and budget goals and reduced initial cost projections by more than 10%, winning formal recognitions from both the Chief Operating and Chief Technical Officers. Ensured bidder acceptance of a challenging iterative process for requirements delivery by fostering upfront communication and clear, detailed contracting.